This is what students say about our camp

"The teachers are excellent and the camp offers many different ways to prepare for the audition. For the past 2 years I have been able to achieve my goals and make the All-State Symphony Orchestra thanks to Texas All-State Strings Camp."

Lauren Matthews

Symphony 2018, 2019

"I can't overstate the incredible value of my experience at the Texas All-State Strings Camp. The faculty I learned from were outstanding players and teachers, and my abilities increased tremendously in just a few days."

Darren Carter

String Orchestra 2016, Symphony 2017, 2018

"When I went to the camp for the first time going into my freshman year, I had no idea that doing so would help me get into the symphony orchestra, and better yet, 1st in the state for viola!"

Matthieu Girardet

Symphony 2017, 2018

"Texas-All State Strings Camp provided me with invaluable techniques and advice to help me make all state. The classes are well paced and the instructors do a great job of making sure you do not feel left behind. Overall, it is a great opportunity to get hands on feedback from experts on the audition material."

Simon Yu 

String Orchestra 2010, 2011, 2012

"The Texas All-State Strings Camp is a great camp for anyone who has ambitions of making All-State. It helps you learn the things you should be focusing on, and it's definitely a good indicator of how you stand among others who have similar goals. With the help of this camp, I was able to achieve those goals." 

Andrew Ma, Cello

Philharmonic 2013, Symphony 2014

"The Texas All-State Strings camp was really helpful in getting up to speed on excerpts and getting expert insight into the judging process. It's a great experience with great teachers!" 

Rahul Yesantharao

Philharmonic 2015, Symphony 2016, 2017

"The Texas All-State Strings Camp introduced me to training methods that played an integral role in my progress towards adequately learning the excerpts and etudes in time for All-State."

Kasun Raigama

String Orchestra 2017

The All-State Camp that Dr. Daniel Saenz provides is a wonderful opportunity to sharpen skills as a musician and prepares us to audition for All-State. I have always enjoyed networking and meeting other musicians from all over the area and I am very thankful for this program and highly suggest it for other musicians and cellists who are interested.

Kyle Victor

Philharmonic Orchestra 2017, 2018